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Manage your own RepEat restaurant, where customers can enjoy the one and only RepEat menu! Every single time! Become a partner at one of the most successful fast-food restaurant chains in Bulgaria. A wise and tasty investment opportunity.

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Currently, the RepEat chain owns twenty four restaurants, twenty one of which are managed by our franchise partners.

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RepEat is a dynamically developing restaurant chain and our franchise business model proved to be one of our main expanding pillars so far. As we value the experience of our partners The RepEat franchise license is mainly granted to businesses who enter in direct management of units that are already in the successful operation phase. The franchisor “K-Express” Ltd. has chosen this way of expanding the RepEat chain in order to increase the security of compliance and management of already established standards so that efficient and optimal support to our franchisees is provided from day one. There are of course the opportunities and cases where RepEat restaurants are developed and newly opened in tight collaboration with a franchise partner.

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