Hot Deals - RepEat


Yellow and red labels

Hot delas by RepEat.

Some of our meals are labeled in white. Others will get your attention with their bright yellow and red labels.
How are yellow- and red-labled meals special? We’ve got three words for you: Mind-Blowing Discounts!
Look for the yellow labels and get your 30 % off meals. Or grab your red-labelled dish with 50 % off!
And here comes the good part – every single day we are ready to welcome you with new fantastic meal deals! Just look for the red and yellow labels.

Temptation is too strong… and you are only human. Give in and enjoy! Come, find the colour labels of the day and give yourself a feast!

* All discounted prices are indicated on the labels. White labels show regular prices.

Happy Hour by RepEat

You are a Fan of the budget-friendly shopping?

Then you should definitely check out RepEat’s evening Happy Hour.
From salads and freshly cooked meals, to barbecue and desserts – RepEat Happy Hour allows you to get an amazing variety of meals with jaw-dropping discounts.
Every evening at each RepEat restaurant you can get 30 % off all yellow-labelled meals and 50 % off all red-labelled meals.
Happy Hour is held daily at the time span of the last working hours of each RepEAT restaurant. No way to understand how good it is, until you try it. So… what are you waiting for?
Don’t make us RepEat that great offer again!

*Each RepEat restaurant determines the start time of its evening Happy Hour independently. The Happy Hour start time is announced at the premises of each restaurant. During the Happy Hour promo, most items are offered at a discount of 50% or 30% of the regular price. Discounted items are marked with red labels (-50%) and yellow labels (-30%). A small number of items, labelled in white, are excluded from the Happy Hour promo.