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Terms and Conditions to Use the Website of the RepEat Brand



Dear Internet Users, we kindly ask you to read carefully these Terms and Conditions for the use of the website of the RepEat brand (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”). Created by the title holder to the said brand and owner of the website www.repeat.bg – K-Express EOOD, the Terms are mandatory for all of its users and the company preserves the right to amend them at any time.

By visiting the website, you agree to these Terms and you are obligated to read them; should you refuse to consent to them or you have any objection against them, you should not use the website and you should leave it immediately.

The website of the RepEat brand aims to popularise it by providing information about the type and characteristics of the products and services offered. Our team is making constant efforts to develop it by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the products and services we offer.

K-Express EOOD reserves the right to change the information on the website and shall not bear liability for any inaccuracies in the description, presentation and characteristics of the services and products offered and described on it. The website users do not have the right to any claims against K-Express EOOD or another person related to the development of the website in relation to the accuracy, exhaustiveness, currency and correctness of the information posted on it.

This website is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and its activities are regulated fully by its legislation.



K-Express EOOD preserves all rights to intellectual property of items – part of the content of this website. Their use without its consent is prohibited. There may be no copying, reproduction, repeated publication and any other similar act going beyond the scope of ordinary internet surfing – for personal use or non-commercial purpose unless with the express written consent of the title holder.

K-Express EOOD preserves the right to use for its advertising and commercial purposes any author content, including ideas and concepts provided by the website users without the need to obtain their consent or to owe the payment of any amounts, and the users consent to this by accepting these Terms.


Information about promotions posted on the website

The advertising messages, descriptions of promotions, offers of preferential terms and such others on the website are not a public invitation or public offer within the meaning of the Commercial Act and do not obligate K-Express EOOD, parties related to it, franchisors and franchisees of the RepEat brand in any way. RepEat determines and changes independently the items and services offered at promotional terms in the respective period.


Obligations of the users and user content

The website users are obligated to use the website in line with these Terms. The responsibility for the conduct of minors lies with their parents and K-Express EOOD may not be held liable for any possible inaccurate indication of a user’s age when the respective information was requested from the user.

No part of this website may be copied, changed, supplemented or stored, sold or manipulated in any way without the express advance consent of K-Express EOOD in writing.

The website users are obligated to provide true data when registering on the website, not to make comments or any other type of statement which are not true, undermine the prestige of the RepEat brand, insult the staff of the establishments working under the brand, website users or any other third party.

It is prohibited to publish or gather via this website any advertising information about products other than those of the RepEat brand, comparative advertising, personal data or any other information whose dissemination is prohibited by law or any consent of a provocative, unlawful, libellous, vulgar or sexual nature or content which constitutes unwarranted messages, spam, chain mails, virus or can in any way harm a certain computer system.

In the cases where users may be given the opportunity to insert own content, K-Express EOOD reserves the right to review and approve or reject any comment or any other information from a user before it is posted on the website.


Personal data policy

By providing personal data on this website, its users declare their consent for the data to be processed and stored by the operator of the website pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.


Limitation of liability

Unless in all cases provided for in these Terms, K-Express EOOD, companies or persons related to it and their contractual partners shall not bear liability with respect to the website users or any other third party for any damage – harm or benefits foregone – suffered in relation to the use of the website, its content or in any other similar way.

When links to external websites are provided on this website or external applications are used, X-Express EOOD shall not bear liability for their content, including with respect to the updated data, accuracy, regularity or truthfulness of the content offered on them and the electronic characteristics, including with respect to possible viruses or inaccuracies on geographic data.

K-Express EOOD develops this website to serve the users of the RepEat brand; in this activity, it provides useful information which is not misleading in nature while it takes on no obligations with regard to the maintenance and functioning of the website and it may even temporarily or permanently suspend access to it.